Our Guiding Principles

Commitment to Service

Our service to you is job one.  We strive to provide value in our products. Our commitment to helping your business stand out will never be compromised.  

Do the Right Thing

Integrity. Honesty. Hard Work. Respect.  These are the four benchmarks of our organization.

Dedication to our Brand

We will always treat our partners, vendors, and clients with the best care. Our name depends on it.

About Our Team

We Understand Your Business Needs

Traditional lighting companies are everywhere.  Most are geared to look at projects only from a technical point of view .  What sets us apart is the unique backgrounds our team brings to the table.  We are a company that understands the concept of creating value add to your organization in a cost effective way.  Put Matt and Jake to work for you.  We have been where you are!

Our Mission - To Provide innovative lighting solutions that bring value to our partners.

Executive Profiles 

Matt Calvert - President Southeast 

Matt spent 25 years in the banking industry with extensive knowledge of retail operations.  He has a  background in sales and finance specifically geared to the retail auto industry.  Matt is a Graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a BSBA.

Jake Woodard - President / Founder

Jake has a 18 year background as a power trader across the grid. He has a firsthand knowledge of global energy demand and has passion around bringing more cost effective lighting to market in the US.  He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.