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As LED lighting technology has significantly improved its quality and energy efficiency in the last few years, businesses across the globe are changing the way they illuminate their properties.  MetroGlo is here to bridge that gap with business owners by offering and informing them of newly developed LED technologies that will save them money while significantly increasing their visibility. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a variety of LED lighting solutions and specialize in professionally installed Parking Lot Lighting Conversions to LED and LED Neon Outlining projects.

***Parking Lot Lighting Conversions to LED***


MetroGlo provides our clients with a variety of Parking Lot Lighting conversion packages to LED that have the benefit of tremendous energy savings. We can replace all energy inefficient Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lighting to energy efficient LED parking lot fixture lighting that will will have your property shining brighter and SIGNIFICANTLY reduce commercial energy costs for our clients. Our customers love that their average Return on Investment ROI period for our customers is only 1.5 to 2.9 years via these huge energy savings!

***LED Neon Roof Outlining***

MetroGlo offers a variety of custom LED Neon Outlining projects using industry leading rigid, and energy efficient LED Neon lighting material that will have your commercial property visible to customers for several miles.  Our LED Neon is up to 85% more energy efficient that traditional gas neon saving our clients a significant amount on monthly energy bills.

MetroGlo - Leveling the Playing Field in Retail


In today's increasing ability to online purchase and receive any retail item the next day, brick and mortar locations are finding it increasingly difficult to attract customers to buy from them.  Our approach reaches the end consumer in a new way that will increase impulse to shop with you.  MetroGlo clients recognize that our custom lighting packages increase communication, visibility, vantage point, and advertising all at the same time. 

MetroGlo - More than Meets the Eye


MetroGlo's design approach enhances and extends visibility to the end consumer. Through Dynamic Framing, MetroGlo can overcome great distances and bring your entire property closer to the consumers eye like never before.


What MetroGlo Does - Creation


MetroGlo specializes in providing our clients with turnkey, customized lighting packages that will significantly increase their traffic visibility.  MetroGlo partners  with businesses located near high volume frontage roads where visibility is crucial to success. A Metroglo retrofit will get your all important visibility back on track to add to your bottom line while   your industry leading 7 year manufacturer warranty on our rigid LED Neon lighting material gives you peace of mind.

How MetroGlo Does It - Concept


Many of our customers are located in optimal locations, but significantly lack the visibility on their premium, high traffic locations. The MetroGlo team is here to help. Our graphic design group provides complimentary imaging for discussion of various projects that will meet our clients' unique business need, vantage point, and budget.   Upon selection, your licensed and trained MetroGlo installers will soon have your place of business shining bright over the competition.


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